Going Big or Going Home

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This post represents all my purchases since Feb 3rd.  

I might be a little crazy but sometimes you just have to go with your gut and Gilead is just flat out cheap.  Yes, I understand that their revenue continues to decline but I think the market is being overly pessimistic here.  I felt this same way when I built a position in Ivanhoe Mines below a dollar.  I purchased over 24,000 shares and continued to add to my position as the stock fell between 2014 - the beginning of 2016.  I just sold 12,000 of my shares for a gain of over 400% in just over a year.  The stock has been on fire and so I felt like switching one of my top winnings out for one of my biggest losers, but a loser that is still making over a billion dollars a month.

I Bought:

In my biggest 2 week gain I have increased my annual income by $1757.40.  Here is what I purchased:

GILD Gilead Sciences 318 $21600 $661.44
PSA Public Storage 20 $4300 $160.00 
ABBV Abbvie Inc 49 $3000 $125.44
TEVA TEVA Pharma 140 $4900 $190.40 
CONE CyrusOne 70 $3400 $106.40
UAA Under Armour Inc 315 $6400  
TGT Target Corp 50 $3200 $120.00
XOM Exxon Mobil 29 $2400 $87.00 
TROW T Rowe Price 50 $3400 $108.00
KO Coca-Cola 12 $480 $16.80
PFE Phizer 51 $1650 $65.28
QTS QTS Realty Trust 7 $360 $10.08
GE General Electric 76 $2250 $72.96
VFC VF Corp 20 $970 $33.60

If you wish to view all my completed trades, you can find them located here.
(Sometimes the posting of my sells can be delayed by a couple days to even a couple weeks depending on when I get around to updating the spreadsheet.)


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