Weekly Purchases - 6/22/14

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To add some variety to the website, I am going to start providing images from some of the amazing trips I have experienced over the years.  The following photograph was taken in the Antarctic peninsula in an area known as iceberg alley.

I Bought:

Dividend Income Portfolio

$900 of Ventas Inc (VTR) - I previosly only owned one share of Ventas, but this will increase my share count to 15.  This will increase my annual dividend income by $40.60.

$300 of Bunge LTD (BG) - This is my first purchase in Bunge and it will add $5.44 to my annual dividend income

$180 of IBM (IBM) - This is my first purchase in IBM and it will add $4.40 to my annual dividend income

$150 of Cameco (CCJ) - I didn't purchase CCJ for its dividend income but it does come with a 2% yield.  It will add $2.95 to my annual dividend income.  I am a big believe in uranium and CCJ is a core holding.  Other favorites are DNN and FCU.v of which I am both long.

$100 of Target Corp (TGT)

$25 of Hasbro (HAS)

wrote 3 NGD November 22, 2014 $7 Calls


$580 of Altius Minerals Corp (ATUSF) - Altius is focused on the mining and resources sector through prospect generation and the creation and acquisition of royalties.  I have owned Altius in the past but this has been my first purchase in a while.  The management is top-notch, so I felt inclined to take a position again now that I believe the commodities bull market just resumed. 

I Sold:

If you wish to view all my completed trades, you can find them located here.

250 shares of AKG for a total gain of 22%.  Held position only a couple weeks and because of the large move I took profits.  I still expect AKG to move higher in the months ahead.  Still hold 4500 shares.

1 share of DVN.  This reduced my dividend income by .88 cents.  Overall gain was 32%.

56 shares of SAND.  Sold half my position because the stock was up 40% in 2 weeks.  My overall gain was 26%

10 shares of SAND.  Sold half my position because the stock was up 40% in 2 weeks.  My overall gain was 20%

10 shares of GDXJ.  Sold half my position.  My overall gain was 20%

Side Note:

My intent is to hold companies for many months and even for many years.  But with that said, if I see something in the charts or receive a large gain after owning the stock for a short period of time, I will sell my position and take profits.

Also, because the general market is up 30%+ over the last year I continue to be cautious when adding to my dividend portfolio and reducing some positions on rally's.  Many of the companies I am interested in buying are at all time highs.  I generally want to see a several week to several month decline before considering adding to a position.  Overall I continue to be overweight in my Commodities Portfolio and use most of my available funds to purchase in this sector.  In all accounts except my 401k I get FREE Trades.  This is why I can purchase only a couple shares at a time without exposing myself to a high commission percentage.

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Asanko Gold (AKG) - Taking Profits

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A couple weeks back I mentioned on my weekly purchase updates that I added a small position of 250 shares of AKG.  Today I closed that position for a gain of 22%.  If history is a guide we should at the very least have a shorter term pullback.  Overall I am very bullish on this company but couldn't help taking some profits.  I hold a larger core position of 4500 shares.  I have added the trade to my completed trades list located here.

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Chevron (CVX) - Nearing Profit Zone

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I went long with a small position in Chevron back around the Jan/Feb timeframe when it approached the bottom of the above channel.  Since ealier this year, CVX has been on a tear without much of a pullback.  Over the last 3 years any up move has stalled in this zone of the channel.  Also note that the weekly RSI is now into overbought territory.  I am wanting to take profits here soon, hopefully with CVX above 135 area.  For now I am watching this chart closely.

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Procter & Gamble (PG) - Looking for a Place to Add to Position

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We all know that Procter & Gamble has been on the best performing Dividend Growth Companies.  Over the past 5 years Procter & Gamble has traded inside of 2 tight channels.  Even though I want to accumulate more shares, I still want to buy at the best possible price.  Waiting for PG to get to the lower boundary of its up-trending channel would provide the best risk to reward.  Once PG gets below $77.50, I will consider buying some shares.  At that price PG will pay a 3.3% dividend.  

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