Oversold Bounce likely on Gold

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Gold has been in a downtrend since the end of July but I believe that an oversold bounce could happen at any moment based upon the history of the RSI indicator.  Maybe it turns here or maybe it continues to fall down to the 1180 support before putting in this bounce.  I don't give a breakdown from 1180 very much odds at the moment without some type of bounce or consolidation first.  

If you look back at Feb of 2013, notice how Gold fell to support but then stayed around 1575 for 2-3 months within a tight range.  Should something similar happen again, then a breakdown of 1180 would be very likely over the coming months and I could see Gold falling to 1100 very quickly.   Otherwise I could see Gold bouncing at the way back up to the short downtrend around 1250-1275.  Any bounce doesn't mean that Gold is out of the woods, but it would give the bulls some breathing room.

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Weekly Purchases - 9/21/14

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To add some variety to the website, I am providing photographs from some of my travels.  The following photograph was taken in 2010 in the Amazon, Peru.  

I am still eyeing the following equities, O, HCP, OHI, DE, OXY, CVX, XOM, KMI, RIG, SDRL.  I still think that the REITs could continue lower, so I am trying to patiently wait.

I Bought:

Dividend Income Portfolio (Total increase in income = $420.16)

This was was my largest week yet, in terms of adding exposure to dividend equities.  I know that the drillers have problems, but its not likely they are going away.  If they continue to fall, I may consider buying some more into RIG and SDRL.  As for PM, I have no idea whether this was a good place to add or not. I guess I got impatient waiting for a larger correction.

On a side note I broke another 2 goals this week with my purchases.  I now have a dividend portfolio in excess of $64,000.  Just a month ago I set my new goal of $60,000.  Apparantly I was too conservative in my new goal.  I am now raising my end of year goal to $75,000.  The other goal I broke this week, was to have more than $2400 in future annualized dividends.  I now have in excess of $2600 in future dividends.  Since I was too conservative on this goal too, I am now raising this amount to $3000.   I have updated my goals located here.  

$1000 of Kinder Morgan (KMI) - This will add $48.16 to my annual dividend income. 

$1700 of Philip Morris (PM) - This will add $80 to my annual dividend income.

$1500 of Seadrill (SDRL) - This will add $208.00 to my annual dividend income.

$1000 of Transocean (RIG) - This will add $84 to my annual dividend income.

Loyal3 Purchases

$25 of YUM Brands (YUM)

$10 of Kraft (KRFT)

$10 of Disney (DIS)

$10 of Mondelez (MDLZ)

$10 of Starbucks (SBUX)

$50 of Mattel (MAT)


$850 of Pretivm (PVG)

I Sold:

If you wish to view all my completed trades, you can find them located here.

1 shares of TGT for an overall gain of 3% - The only reason I sold this position was because I wanted to concentrate my holdings to my loyal3 account where I now hold 100% of my Target position

300 shares of RIOM for a overall gain of 74% - Although I like the company, I traded the position out for another favorite currently caught in the gold downtrend, PVG

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Dividend Increases - 9-18-14

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Microsoft (MSFT) declares $.31/share quarterly dividend, 10.71% increase from previous dividend of $0.28. Forward yield 2.7%.   My portfolio consists of 16.6 shares of MSFT, which increases my annual dividends to $20.59. My yield-on-cost is is 3.1%.


McDonald's (MCD) declares $0.85/share monthly dividend, 4.94% increase from prior dividend of $0.81. Forward yield 3.64%  My portfolio consists of 11.8 shares of MCD, which increases my annual dividends to $40.25. My yield-on-cost is is 3.56%.

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