Dividend Increases - 10-09-14

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Kraft (KRFT) declared $.55/share quarterly dividend, 4.76% increase from previous dividend of $0.525. Forward yield 3.95%.   My portfolio consists of 2 shares of KRFT, which increases my annual dividends to $4.53. My yield-on-cost is is 4.01%.

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American Realty (ARCP) - Large Consolidation Pattern

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I wanted to take a look at another one of my current positions ARCP.  Currently ARCP has been building a large(over a year) triangular flag pattern.  Typically these patterns will resolve in the direction of the longer term trend.  Since ARCP has a short trading history this one will be hard to predict.  I plan to add to my position within the next several weeks. Should ARCP break the lower support it will most likely fall to $10.50.  I will use each support zone to further build my full position and reduce my cost basis.

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Weekly Purchases - 10/05/14

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mnt everest


To add some variety to the website, I am providing photographs from some of my travels.  I took the following photograph, in 2011, in Tibet, China.  What you see before you is the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest.  It is a site to behold.  

I Bought:

Dividend Income Portfolio (Total increase in income = $187)

My commodities portfolio has been getting hammered over the last several weeks.  Some of my smaller positions have fallen 30-50% over the last month.  OUCH!!!.  I am pretty strapped on cash so I decided to switch out a couple positions for ones that I like better.  Both FCUUF and RVRLF have both fallen by over 30% just in the month of September.  Both positions I see as takeout canidates.  

I also continue to add to several of my driller positions.  As of now, I am currently under water around 18% on all three.  I am ok with this because I see myself holding these positions for several years.  Deep sea drilling will not go away and if anything will only increase into the future.  I can imagine these positions staying at a loss for most of 2015.  Going foward I don't plan to add much to these positions.  I'd like to stay around $3000 as my initial investment.

As a side note, the following transactions were over the last two weeks as I didn't have a chance to update the site last week with what I purchased.

$480 of Seadrill (SDRL) - This will increase my annual dividend by $68

$250 of Transocean (RIG) - This will increase my annual dividend by $21

$900 of Ensco (ESV) - This will increase my annual dividend by $69 

$117 of Chevron (CVX) - This will increase my annual dividend by $4.28

$320 of Eaton Corp (ETN) - This will increase my annual dividend by $9.80

Loyal3 Purchases (Total Purchases = $520 )

$100 of Unilever (UL)

$25 of Google (GOOGL)

$275 of Mattel (MAT)

$50 of Kraft (KRFT)

$10 of Starbucks (SBUX)

$25 of McDonald's (MCD)

$10 of Disney (DIS)

$25 of Walmart (WMT)


$2000 of Fission Uranium Corp (FCUUF)

$450 of Reservoir Minerals (RVRLF)

I Sold:

If you wish to view all my completed trades, you can find them located here.

6 shares of VECO for a overall gain of 6%

30 shares of VGMNF for a overall gain of 14%

20 shares of CORN for a loss of 13%

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